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Thursday, March 2nd, 2006
6:10 pm - Icon post for manga100 - Nami
ashchan As of 3/2, there are 6 of the 100 done. Oh boy, oh boy!
As of 3/5, there are 24 of the 100 done. 24% down, 76% to go!
As of 3/10, there are 26 of the 100 done. 26% down, 74% to go!
As of 4/1, there are 40 of the 100 done. 40% down, 60% to go!

Nami - Manga100Collapse )

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Saturday, October 1st, 2005
1:07 pm
ashchan One Piece - 7
x3 - Nami
x1 - Nico Robin
x1 - Roronoa Zoro
x1 - Monkey D. Luffy
x1 - Tonytony Chopper

Surprise surprise. ;3; No Sanji this time! Or Usopp. I'll make it up next time though. Just remember, comment and credit, please! Plain ones are allowed to be used to be modified. Just remember to credit still.

MANY SAY onegai, taisetsu na shinjitsu na kizutsuite.Collapse )

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Saturday, September 24th, 2005
6:21 pm
ashchan Here are some One Piece icons. Just comment and credit!

x2 Nico Robin
x1 Luffy

Yarrgh!Collapse )

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Monday, May 9th, 2005
8:16 pm - "now that i've got your Attention~"

Only one icon.~


  • Credit is not required but appreciated.

  • Leave a comment if you will be taking this icon.

  • KnM

    +Chikane x Himeko

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    Friday, April 29th, 2005
    10:55 pm - More! More!

    Ahhh. It's my own fault for not being specific, so, I will in this entry.


  • Credit is not required but appreciated.

  • Leave a comment about which icon you will be taking.

  • Do not claim any of my icons as your own.

  • Ask if you may edit a textless icon of mine.

  • ---> Total: 34 <---

    Hot Gimmick

    +Ryoki x1
    +Shinogu x1
    +Hatsumi x6
    +Akane x7
    +Rina x1
    +Azusa x1
    +Subaru x1
    +Ryoki x Hatsumi x4
    +Azusa x Hatsumi x1
    +AzusaxHatsumixSubaruxRyokixAkane x1

    Blinded by SocietyCollapse )


    +Ichigo x1
    +Rukia x1
    +Orihime x4
    +Aizen x2
    +Yachiru x Zaraki x1
    +Byakuya x Ichigo x1

    Look at that!Collapse )

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    Sunday, April 24th, 2005
    7:53 pm
    ashchan Hopefully, Photobucket won't compress the pixels in this or whatever it's doing and make it look shitty like it did the last time. If it does, I think I'm going to have to resort to using my GJ account to store my icons.

    Also, unless you're an icon-maker, you're not supposed to join. Watching is a-okay! We won't have any friendlock entries, so there's no need to join anyways. Now, onto the icons. Remember to comment and credit!

    Fullmetal Alchemist:
    x1 Hawkeye
    x1 Orihime
    x1 Ishida
    x1 IshiHime
    Cardcaptor Sakura
    x1 Meilin
    x1 Amelia

    Lalala~Collapse )

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    Friday, April 22nd, 2005
    11:23 pm
    ashchan Here's some Bleach and Naruto icons. Comment and credit, please.

    x1 Ino
    x2 Rin
    x3 Yumichika

    Strike a pose!Collapse )

    Next time I may try doing some FMA icons. But definitely doing some more Naruto and Bleach ones.

    current mood: calm

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    Thursday, April 21st, 2005
    2:23 pm - And, it starts again!

    I think a week has passed since I last updated. So, to make up for it, I made a TON of Hot Gimmick icons ... And other icons I did 3693733 years ago. So, enjoy.

    --> Total: 25 <--

    Hot Gimmick - 19
    + Hatsumi x5
    + Ryoki x3
    + Shinogu x2
    + Akane x1
    + Azusa x1
    + Ryoki x Hatsumi x5
    + Shinogu x Hatsumi x1
    + Akane x Hatsumi x1

    Hot GimmickCollapse )

    Love Hina - 2
    + Naru x2

    Love HinaCollapse )

    Furi Kuri - 1
    + Mamimi x Naoto x1

    Furi KuriCollapse )

    Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne - 1
    + Chiaki x Maron x 1

    KKJCollapse )

    Other x 2

    OtherCollapse )

    P.S. I switched some ICONs around. So, they're not in normal order as they were before.

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    Sunday, April 10th, 2005
    9:14 pm - Yo'.

    First, many thanks to ashchan for allowing me to share a community with her. Much ♥! I'll try my best to at least post once a week. Even if I've only created one ICON.

    And, now...

    Hot Gimmick - x5

    + Ryoki x Hatsumi x1
    + Ryoki x3
    + Azusa x1

    Other - x2

    Yo'.Collapse )

    current mood: accomplished

    (6 icons gone <3 take an icon)

    Saturday, April 9th, 2005
    6:48 pm
    ashchan Five for to-day.

    Bleach x4
    - x2 Chad
    - x1 Orihime
    - x1 Ururu
    Naruto x1
    - x1 Sakura

    yume ni dakareteCollapse )

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