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Here are some One Piece icons. Just comment and credit!

x2 Nico Robin
x1 Luffy

1. Luffy - Touch the Sky 2. Nico Robin - Island in the Sun 3. Nico Robin - Is Nico Robin gonna have to choke a bitch?

In case you can't tell what they're saying:

1. Touch the Sky (grow some wings and fly away) -- I actually forgot what was on my own icon. T^T;; It's something to that effect though.
2. Island in the Sun (we'll be playing and having fun) -- it's off of a song from Weezer.
3. Is Nico Robin gonna have to choke a bitch? -- If you don't know where it's from, it's from Chappelle's Show.

To be honest though, the quality of 2 isn't really impressive. If you really want it, tell me and I'll upload it somewhere else for you. The other two are good though.
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