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One Piece - 7
x3 - Nami
x1 - Nico Robin
x1 - Roronoa Zoro
x1 - Monkey D. Luffy
x1 - Tonytony Chopper

Surprise surprise. ;3; No Sanji this time! Or Usopp. I'll make it up next time though. Just remember, comment and credit, please! Plain ones are allowed to be used to be modified. Just remember to credit still.

Hover over an icon to see the text in full.

1.) Chopper -  (plain) 2.) Luffy - (a real man among men) 3.) Nami - (c'est la vie pour cette mademoiselle) that's the life for this girl 4.) Nami - (you are my sky) 5.) Nami - (between the wind)
6.) Nico Robin - (renegade: who had it made) 7.) Zoro - (it's not easy being green&mean)

If any are or seem warped, make sure to leave a note so I can send it elsewhere for you. They're much prettier when they're not. ;;;

Also, a few notes on these icons:
3.) While I am in my fourth year of French, I am no genius. If I am incorrect, uh .. ;;; sorry for sucking at le francais. D: Also the only warped one in this bunch. If you want it, leave a note and I'll try and send it to a place where it won't be so screwed up.

5.) "Between the Wind" is one of Nami's theme songs.

6.) "Renegade" by Styx was the song I was listening to while I was thinking of words for that icon. Honestly, I think it's a wonderful Robin song. (Or even Zoro! Maybe even ZoRobin?!) I expect to see that song on a Nico Robin or Zoro FST too. D:<

7.) It's based off of Kermit the Frog's "It's not easy being green" quote. :V

Just remember: comment and credit. <3
Tags: chopper, luffy, nami, one piece, robin, zoro
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